2003 Winter Case Review Part 1: MicroATX Case Madness

Superflower/TTGI TT-101, Continued

So you want expansion options? The TT-101 delivers a variety of expansion options. The TT-101 offers a lot more flexibility for internal device combinations than any of the other cases that we reviewed.

The TT-101 features steel construction and hard tooling. There was no twist or significant bend to this case. We found the case to be quite sturdy and well thought out as far as its internal design goes. The internal design edges, for the most part, were smooth and rounded and seamed to prevent injuries. However, we did find several rough spots in a few places, in particular, close to the upper 3.5" internal hard drive bay.

As we explained earlier, assembly is aided by the fact that one can easily remove the 5.25" bay housing to allow for easy insertion and placement of the MicroATX motherboard. Although the case does not feature a completely screwless design, the TT-101 does offer some assembly conveniences, such as built-in drive catches to help give the drives a firm and well-supported fit.

A close up look behind the front I/O port door on the front of the case. Unlike the majority of the other MicroATX cases in this review, the TT-101 does offer a front-mounted 1394 port, which will make owners of 1394 equipped devices happy.

The TT-101 features a flip-down cover that exposes the two front-mounted USB ports, one 1394/Firewire port, and a mic and headphone jack. The mic, headphone and USB jacks can be attached internally to the motherboard; unfortunately, the 1394/Firewire must be routed outside the case to connect externally, as the case does not offer an internal 1394/Firewire connection.

This case is configured so that it can be used in either a desktop or tower configuration. The front clear Plexiglas bezel is covered by a single sheet of plastic to prevent scratches and potential damage to the case prior to assembly. As with other cases that we have reviewed, the TT-101 is somewhat heavy due to its steel construction; but clearly this weight gives the case a sturdy constitution and quality look.

Overall, the Superflower/TTGI TT-101 is one of the most complete and well conceived cases in this review of MicroATX cases. The innovative convenience of adding the 2.5" hard drive mounting bay is unique when compared to the other MicroATX cases reviewed here. We were unhappy with the quality of some of the edges inside this case, as some of them were sharp. Mostly, we still found much to like about the TT-101 and not much to dislike. Most users that are looking for a MicroATX case solution could do much worse than choosing the TT-101. In fact, most buyers who opt for this case will not be disappointed with their selection.

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