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Results: Grid 2

System Builder Marathon Q1 2014: System Value Compared

Grid 2 tends to be limited by memory bandwidth at its High quality settings, though enthusiast-class graphics cards are needed to reach those limits. That could explain why, at DDR3-1866 and 5760x1080, both the overclocked $1600 PC and baseline $2400 PC reach 146.3 FPS.

Moreover, the DDR3-1600 and GeForce GTX 770-equipped $750 gaming box nearly catches Don's baseline configuration at 4800x900.

The Ultra quality preset taxes most graphics configurations intensively enough to pull frame rates below where they're constrained by system memory bandwidth, though the dual-card $2400 PC looks like it needs even more throughput to support its second card at lower resolutions.

None of this talk of bottlenecks will matter to most players however, since even Paul's $750 effort is powerful enough to push the game smoothly through our highest detail settings.

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