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Performance Analysis

ECS P55H-AK: P55/NF200 Versus X58 In 3-Way SLI

Few readers will build a system specifically for a single game from our specific benchmark set, so a look at average performance differences can help.

With connectivity shortcoming addressed by the NF200 PCIe bridge, the P55 solution edges out the X58 at 1680x1050. This is an important win, since the X58 motherboard lacked the need for such latency-producing devices and was further enhanced by both its triple-channel memory controller and 2 GB of extra RAM.

The P55 with NF200 continues its slight lead through 1920x1080.

The X58 finally wins at 2560x1600, an important resolution for anyone who might also be considering a step up to triple-display Nvidia Surround because its four-megapixel size is similar to that of three 1280x1024 monitors.

A chart that combines resolutions might not be important to readers who have specific settings in mind, but average performance is half of the equation for upcoming efficiency calculations.

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