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Blu-ray 3D Movie Payback

Wall-Sized 3D Gaming With Nvidia 3D Vision

Something that polarized dual-projector systems do not currently allow for is Blu-ray 3D playback. This is a software, and not a hardware, limitation. No developers are spending resources to design something for the fringe dual-projector platform.

Of course, 3D Vision uses the same 120 Hz AFR method to display 3D imagery that the major television manufacturers are using, so this de-facto standard is supported through 3D Vision by all the significant Blu-ray 3D software packages. In our case, we'll use a prerelease version of PowerDVD 10 Ultra Mk II to test things out. We're using the newly released Blu-ray 3D disc Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

The Blu-ray 3D playback is perfect, and surprisingly bright. We are put off by Blu-ray 3D playback on the 3D Vision-capable Acer GD235Hz LCD LCD, but the brightness issue doesn't seem to rear its head on the Acer H5360 projector. Perhaps we're simply conditioned to control the light in a projector situation. But whatever the reason, the brightness isn't a detractor at all like it is on the monitor.

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