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Insulation Installation

The 5 GHz, Six-Core Project: Core i7-980X Gets Chilly

Continuing our by-the-book installation, we added two sheets of insulation around the CPU socket, trimmed to clear onboard devices. Notice that there is no space at all for insulation between the CPU socket and one side of the CPU voltage regulator.

Having no insulation to seal one side is like “asking for trouble” from condensation, but we nonetheless continued to follow the installation manual by taping over air gaps around the socket’s top.

A final insulation barrier is meant to seal the top of the CPU socket to the bottom of the evaporator’s mounting block, but it looks a little thin to us.

One of the problems we see is that the final foam sheet (above) is thinner than the portion of the evaporator protruding through the mounting block (below).

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