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Measurements: Seasonic X-760

80 PLUS Gold: Four Efficient 700-850 W Power Supplies
By , Patrick Afschar

Efficiency according to 80 PLUS Gold specifications

Efficiency based on performance profiles.                    

Together with the FSP Aurum AU-700, Seasonic's X-760 leads the pack in lab testing. Minor differences aside, the two PSUs are equal in terms of efficiency, and that's impressive given the high level at which they operate.

The Seasonic X-760 falls behind the other devices in terms of hold-up time, but even there it stays within the ATX specification. Otherwise, the results offer nothing to complain about. The ripple and noise measurements confirm the quality of this PSU.

Users looking for a powerful PSU with modular cable management have found their match in Seasonic's X-760. The device boasts both excellent workmanship and high performance in our tests.

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