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M5A99FX Pro R2.0 Software

Three AMD 990FX-Based Motherboards For Enthusiasts

Asus includes a fairly broad software suite with most of its current enthusiast-oriented motherboards, adding for example its Network iControl packet prioritization software and Remote Go suite to enable file sharing, media streaming and PC remote control from wireless devices.

Asus Ai Charger+ continues to add quick-charge capability to Battery Charging 1.1-compliant devices, as well as Apple products, and USB Boost continues to add UASP support for USB 3.0 devices and turbo mode for USB 2.0 devices. Asus Fan Expert provides a little more granularity compared to the automatic programming of most competing products.

Asus EPU sets power profiles to optimize efficiency, but its benefits were extremely limited in our system. Its “Max Power Savings” setting gave us approximately the same idle power as the bare system without this software, its “High Performance” setting gave us around the same performance and full-load power consumption as a management-free installation, and the only downfall was the “High Performance” mode kept our processor from idling down as far as a management-free installation.

Asus Digi+ is a few steps farther towards overclocking assistance, adding, for example, the Load-Line calibration setting needed to keep voltage stable under changing loads.

Auto Tuning includes a basic overclock profile for its “fast” setting, and a smart overclock under the “Extreme” setting. The smart overclock performs stability tests and attempts to increase clocks further than the “Fast” profile. Yet, both methods resulted in the same 4.32 GHz frequency on our CPU.

Manual overclockers will prefer TurboV Evo’s manual mode, which addresses the full range of base clock, voltage, and CPU ratio settings also found in firmware.

Asus PC Probe II keeps track of voltage, temperature, and fan speed data, while Sensor Recorder plots a history of these stats over time.

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