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990FXA-UD3 Software

Three AMD 990FX-Based Motherboards For Enthusiasts

Though the 990FXA-UD3 includes a variety of freeware and trial software, EasyTune6 is the focus of today’s discussion. That’s because its settings are unique to each motherboard.

The first two EasyTune6 menus cover hardware monitoring and reporting, with an interface that’s similar to CPU-Z but with slightly more detail. We can, for example, see all eight DRAM configuration settings on a ten-slot menu, where CPU-Z would limit us to four.

Gigabyte’s fan controls are fairly simple and somewhat limited, similar to what’s long been available in Gigabyte’s firmware.

Gigabyte’s HW Monitor menus track voltage changes and provide user-configurable alerts for temperature and fan monitors.

CPU reference clock and ratio settings are easily adjusted, while memory frequency adjustments aren’t as easy. Since memory ratio adjustments require a reboot, I suggest manipulating them exclusively through firmware.

Like reference clock and CPU ratios, the functionality for EasyTune6’s CPU core voltage changes can be verified through third-party programs, such as CPU-Z. A voltage meter was needed to verify the effectiveness of DRAM voltage adjustments.

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