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Roku's Rock 'n Roll Soundbridge

So you have 50 Gigs of MP3s on your computer - how are you going to stream them to your mega speaker system in the living room? Roku has the answer with their Soundbridge M2000. Simply plug the speakers into the device, and listen to music while you leave your PC in another room.

The SoundBridge M2000 has a bright 12" display, easily readable from across a room. It will connect to your network using either Ethernet or 802.11b wireless. When set up, the Soundbridge automatically grabs an IP address and find the nearest PC running music server software such as iTunes, Windows Media Connect or Winamp. You can even stream Internet radio stations to the device.

The Roku Soundbridge M2000 is available for purchase on the Roku webpage for an MSRP of $499.99. The smaller M1000, with a 7" display, goes for $249.99.

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