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Installing Enermax's ETS-T40

Big Air: 14 LGA 2011-Compatible Coolers For Core i7-3000, Reviewed

Enermax's ETS-T40 fits Intel’s four-bolt LGA interfaces and replaces AMD’s four-bolt brackets. Four special standoffs add LGA 2011 to the support list.

Either set of cross braces (background) can be fit atop the LGA 2011 standoffs (foreground). Threaded studs on both sets of brackets engage clamping bolts for the top bracket.

Two pins in the top bracket position it precisely atop the ETS-T40’s base. We found that the two nuts that tighten this bracket cannot be completely tightened, though the space between it and the cross brackets is minimal.

Plugging the fan’s PWM connector into the motherboard’s header and clipping it onto the cooler’s face completes the installation of Enermax’s ETS-T40.

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