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BIOS and Overclocking

790i Ultra SLI Motherboards Compared

BIOS Frequency and Voltage settings (for overclocking)
FSB Frequency 100 - 625 MHz (1 MHz)
Clock Multiplier Adjustment Yes
DRAM Linked Ratios Automatic Only
DRAM Unlinked Data Rate 400 - 2500 MHz Data Rate
PCIe Clock 100 - 200 MHz (1 MHz)
CPU Vcore Stock to +0.78750 Volts (0.0125 Volts)
CPU FSB Voltage -
Northbridge (SPP) 1.200 - 1.600 Volts (0.025 Volts)
Southbridge (MCP) 1.500 - 2.000 Volts (0.025 Volts)
DRAM Voltage 1.50 - 2.50 Volts (0.10 Volts)
CAS Latency Range tCAS: 5-18; tRCD: 1-15; tRP: 1-15; tRAS: 1-63

The P7N2 Diamond from MSI provides a more than adequate adjustment range for every available setting, but a couple of settings are missing: DRAM Linked Ratio and CPU FSB voltage.

MSI’s Cell Menu puts most of the important controls on one long page, with CPU FSB, memory frequency, CPU multiplier, and bus speeds at the top.

Scrolling down reveals the voltage settings, with a single CPU GTL Reference setting for all cores.

A submenu provides all the needed memory timings, with automatic adjustment available for every setting that the tuner doesn’t want to play with. Automatic settings for individual timings have long been standard on most brands, but this is a recent addition to the MSI BIOS.

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