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Benchmark Results: SiSoftware Sandra

System Builder Marathon, August 2012: System Value Compared

So many of our tests are either single-threaded or scale modestly on multi-core processors that SiSoftware's Sandra diagnostic is needed just to demonstrate the potential of high-end CPUs with advanced ISA extensions that aren't yet exploited in real-world apps.

Although transcoding and productivity apps do help justify the purchase of six-core CPUs like my Core i7-3930K, in reality, you'd expect to find that chip in a workstation, rather than a desktop.

We knew that the $2000 PC would demonstrate phenomenal leadership in Sandra's Arithmetic and Multimedia modules, but we hadn't considered just how far Paul's $500 build would appear on the ladder. It's more than 50% slower than Don's setup, so we're almost scared to think how it'll compare when it comes time to discuss value.

A quad-channel memory controller looks impressive when you measure out the throughput available to Intel's Sandy Bridge-E architecture. Might my $2000 build even get a small advantage in the real-world tests as a result?

We’re also hoping that the $500 PC’s mediocre memory bandwidth can help it achieve at least 50% of the $1000 PC’s performance, if only to make our value comparison more interesting.

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