There's No Stopping Them: SiS Beats AMD & Co

SiS 635 For The Intel Pentium III

To cover the market as broadly as possible, SiS also has a reference board with the 635 chipset that supports all processors for the socket 370 platform. In the test, this board proved less impressive than the 735 board. In fact, the performance of the SiS 635 board was anything but astounding, so it doesn't really represent a viable alternative to the chipsets listed in the table above.

Reference board with the SiS 635 chipset.

Function scheme for the SiS 635 chipset.

Ergonomic: The reference board with the SiS-635 chipset has helpful buttons for Reset and Power on.

What looks like a PCI slot turned around 180 degrees is called an ACR-Slot. There are no components for this interface.
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