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FM2A88X+ Killer Firmware

Which A88X-Based Board Should You Buy For Your Kaveri APU?

The top tuning option for ASRock’s FM2A88X+ Killer offers several factory-defined overclocks, from which the 4.2 GHz setting got us closest to our desired voltage levels.

Switching back to manual mode, we found that the 1.2625 V setting brought this processor closest to CPU thermal limits that generally occur at actual outputs exceeding 1.45 V. We can’t think of a good reason to push any CPU manufactured at 28 nm beyond that voltage.

The 4.59 GHz frequency achieved by our A10-7850K sample on ASRock’s FM2A88X+ Killer represents its 46x 100 MHz setting, with the board’s actual 99.8 MHz reference clock.

Thanks to its popularity with enthusiasts, XMP is an Intel technology that motherboard manufacturers now implement on AMD models. The looser timings and higher voltage triggered by XMP mode helped ASRock’s FM2A88X-Killer push G.Skill’s “Intel-optimized” DDR3-3000 to DDR3-2496 on AMD’s integrated memory controller.

The FM2A88X+ Killer memory tuning menu begins with a timings table that could help enthusiasts find their way back to stable settings, without clearing current settings to start over.

Primary and secondary timings are completely covered, while tertiary timings are reserved for the motherboard to determine.

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