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Out Of Box Performance: Maximum And Minimum Brightness

Acer, Dell, LG, And Samsung: Four 23" LCD Monitors, Rounded-Up

Manufacturers have a habit of citing overly optimistic specifications for their displays. Take white luminance as an example. Instead of measuring every location and selecting the best figure, as some vendors do, we only take luminance measurements from the center of the screen. In addition, our contrast ratios are generated using black and white luminance values obtained at the same brightness setting. This tells you how bright of a white and how dark of a black any given display can reproduce at one consistent setting.

All of the monitors in this round-up fall short of their specified 250 cd/m2. Dell’s S2330MX leads the pack with decent black and white luminosity, though. While its contrast doesn't live up to the advertised 1000:1 ratio, Samsung’s S23A550H and LG’s IPS236V wind up being far more disappointing. Both are incapable of producing deep blacks, resulting in contrast ratios below 300:1. Acer’s S231HL Bid finishes in the middle. Its relatively poor white luminesce is countered by a deep black, yielding a respectable 732:1.

When you dial down brightness, Dell’s S2330MX turns out to be a surprising leader. Despite being a relatively cheap TN-based monitor, it’s capable of rendering a very deep black, resulting in a contrast ratio close to 1500:1.

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