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Performance Analysis

Single-Slot Graphics: Whose Card Is Fastest?

Rarely do we ever see perfect performance scaling on a combined chart, but today seems to be a rare occasion. At 1280x720, the performance profile of each product is on a nearly perfect slanted line that corresponds to its MSRP.

Obvious at 1680x1050 is that any gamer who loves high visual quality needs at least a Radeon HD 6850. The supplier of this single-slot version takes a clear lead as well, since the only vendor with a competing board wasn't able to submit a sample.

We wouldn’t expect to go beyond 1920x1080 with any single-slot card, and that also appears to be roughly the limit of the fastest single-slot card in today’s lineup. Previous benchmarks do show, however, that even the Afox Radeon HD 6850 was left wanting of lower-quality settings on occasion.

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