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A Gaming All-In-One: The World’s First…What?

AIO DRN-STN Review: A Gaming All-In-One With A 120 Hz Display

A company called “All In One Corporation”, with a product line filled primarily with cases not designed for all-in-ones, claims to have the first gaming-oriented all-in-one PC. Throwing the word game around eliminates ruggedized ATX workstations, though we’ve seen private sellers try to push those designs into the gaming space.

This system isn't even a PC, though. It's a chassis. So, perhaps a more accurate description would be the “World’s First Purpose-Built, Mass-Production, ATX-Compatible, AIO Gaming Case”. Accuracy requires wordiness.

Marketing aside, the convenience of a case with an integrated, well-protected screen is undeniable. The DRN-STN arrives wrapped in plastic, with a replaceable monitor cover strapped around the back. We recommend taking the unit outside before removing its plastic bag; all of the plastic molding and paint curing fumes are packed within.

The rigid foam cover is both replaceable and destructible. Take care of it; it's designed to protect the monitor as you transport the complete system between gaming events.

The name “Drone Station” appears well-suited to seagoing "drones" (USVs, UUVs) , as the outer casing evokes some marine ARPA displays. It’s also reminiscent of certain arcade game cabinets though, and it is intended to house gaming hardware.

Three lighted buttons on the lower-left corner control the integrated display, standing out above a pair of three-speed fan controllers and two USB 2.0 ports.

The right-bottom corner has lighted power and reset buttons, headset jacks, and a pair of USB 3.0 ports.

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