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Benchmark Results: Battery Life And Recharge Time

The Amazon Kindle Fire: Benchmarked, Tested, And Reviewed

Despite the Kindle Fire's smaller 7" screen, battery life falls relatively close to Acer's 10.1" Iconia A500 Tab. However, our browsing test requires some explanation, because we prevent the browser from caching webpage data. As such, this benchmark reflects a usage scenario where new webpages are continuously loaded. If you only browse a handful of sites, the Fire should last a little longer.

The Fire's recharge time is pretty zippy. You can go from completely drained to a full charge in just under three hours. However, this assumes that you're using the AC adapter. It's possible to charge over USB, but it's a slower process (close to nine hours). See Appendix B for information on the restrictions imposed while charging over USB.

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