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1, 2, 4... Or How About 8 CPUs? Continued

AMD's Opteron 250 vs. Intel's Xeon 3.6 GHz in a Workstation Duel of the Elite

The 360 day beta version of Windows XP x64 arrives with Windows 5.2.

An Opteron based on AMD64 should be able to work with 64 bits - and it can, but Microsoft is still not at that point, except for the server version. The 64 Bit version of Windows XP, called the x64 edition, has been in the beta stage for months. That's why the use of corresponding applications (if even available) is only possible within a limited scope.

AMD warmly recommends the Panorama Factory in the 64 bit edition for testing the AMD64 processors.

The World, But At What Price? Opteron Prices In September

The current price list of the Opteron models for server and workstation
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