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Foxconn Cinema Premium: BIOS And Overclocking

Seven AMD 785G-Based Motherboards Rounded Up

A list of voltage and frequency ranges can be found on page 21 of this review.

The Cinema Premium board doesn't pretend to be an enthusiast's tweaker, but it still offers control over a number of relevant enthusiast-oriented settings. Interestingly, the northbridge voltage setting is displayed both in the main voltage and IGP voltage menus. There is no BIOS profile saving feature we could find, unfortunately.

We came across a strange issue that manifested itself in game testing on two out of the three boards in this roundup that offered no SidePort memory: both Left 4 Dead and World in Conflict would crash if the game resolution was changed. This issue was resolved if the amount of shared IGP memory was set manually in the BIOS, so we set it to 512MB.

Like the Biostar board, the Foxconn Cinema Premium claims to have DDR2-1066 compatibility. It succeeded in completing a 3DMark run at this setting with the ADATA 800+ RAM running at 5-7-7-24 latency at 2.0V.

Turning on AMD's ACC feature would unfortunately crash the system with both of our CPU samples, just as it did on the only other DDR2-equipped board in our roundup.

While we were able to boot the system with the IGP overclocked to 1,000 MHz, it would crash during testing even at the maximum northbridge voltage settings allowed. We were successful in achieving a 900 MHz stable overclock with the integrated graphics chipset by setting the BIOS to increase northbridge voltage by +.210mV.

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