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Power Consumption

System Builder Marathon, Sept. '09: $650 Gaming PC

Power Consumption

For all testing, power saving features such as AMD’s Cool’n’Quiet, (and Intel’s SpeedStep) were disabled, and Windows Vista’s power option was set to high performance. Let’s take a look at the total system power usage measured from the AC source. 

Using the boxed cooler prevents us from pushing too much CPU voltage, which then keeps both overclocked systems’ idle and CPU load power consumption from skyrocketing. The better gaming performance achieved with dual Radeon HD 4850s does come at the expense of greater power consumption. 

We don’t have data from the previous SBM articles, but considering the platform change and that the CPU readings used are core temperature measured by AMD OverDrive and Core Temp, the comparisons are better left to stock versus overclocked on the same system. When looking these over, remember that when we overclocked, the automatic fan control was disabled, so the CPU and two graphics card fans were running at 100%. 

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