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Building With The Elite 430

Part 1: Four Gaming Enclosures Under $50

Cooler Master’s Elite 430 hardware pack includes coarse-thread screws in two head sizes, fine-thread screws, standoffs, a socket to secure hexagonal standoffs using a #2 Phillips head screwdriver, a security lock tab, cable ties, and a PC speaker.

We’d report any installation snags if they existed, but they didn’t. The Elite 430 easily swallowed our high-end hardware, though we did notice nearly one inch of overlap between the graphics card and hard drive. Cards up to 12.4” can be wiggled into position when the corresponding drive bay is empty, while drives reduce clearance to around 9.6” (using right-angle drive cables).

The Elite 430 gives an impressive light show to those who love aesthetic additions, while anyone who would like to use this case without the light show can simply use a different fan.

An alternative for users who want more internal and less external lighting would be to mount this fan behind the CPU cooler as exhaust, where it is also more effective at cooling the CPU.

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