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Results: Color Gamut And Performance

AOC Q2963PM Monitor Review: 2560x1080 Is A New Way To Play

Color gamut is measured using a saturation sweep that samples the six main colors (red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, and yellow) at five saturation levels (20, 40, 60, 80, and 100%). This provides a more realistic view of color accuracy. Since there are no color management controls on the Q2963PM, we're only showing the post-calibration graphs (although we’re sure they'd look pretty much the same out-of-box).

This is an excellent result for both gamut and color luminance accuracy. In fact, only 100 percent blue and 80 percent red are outside their targets, and even then only barely. What impresses us more are the superb luminance numbers. This measurement has a greater impact on the perception of color than the gamut numbers. Getting a correct balance of levels from all six colors at all saturation levels is important to overall image quality. No matter what the content, you know it will look exactly as the creators intended.

Here’s the round-up of our same group of FHD and QHD monitors.

The AOC beats out even the factory-calibrated Samsung in the ultimate color accuracy benchmark. This is quite impressive, given that the S27B970D sells for about twice the price and is hand-calibrated before shipment.

Gamut Volume

There are basically two categories of displays in use today: those that conform to the sRGB/Rec 709 standard like HDTVs, and wide-gamut panels that show as much as 100 percent of the Adobe RGB 1998 spec. We use Gamutvision to calculate the gamut volume, based on an ICC profile created from actual measurements. We’ve expanded the chart from previous reviews, to also include the sRGB gamut volume.

The AOC is pretty close to 100 percent sRGB, thanks to its slightly oversaturated red primary. This is a tiny error and will not affect usability. The Q2963PM is not the best choice for professional graphics since it doesn’t offer the wider Adobe RGB 1998 gamut. It is however, perfect for video and gaming purposes. Given the cinemascope aspect ratio, there is little standing in the way of its being the ideal choice for watching movies in your cubicle!

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