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APC Smart-UPS SMT1500

Enthusiast Power Protection: Four-Way 900 W UPS Roundup

The heaviest unit in today’s roundup, APC’s Smart-UPS SMT1500 is designed to keep power-hungry systems running for extended periods from its high-capacity batteries. A removable front panel allows easy access to a hot-pluggable battery tray, allowing failing batteries to be replaced without shutting down attached equipment.

If you’re beginning to think that the SMT1500 sounds like a commercial unit that’s been designed for mission-critical applications, you’re right. This design may seem overkill for any level of home PC. But the reality is that enthusiast-class PC hardware has become overkill by traditional UPS standards. A combination of true sine wave circuitry and super-high wattage output has pushed the SMT1500’s internal hardware cost beyond the typical home PC market, and hot-replaceable batteries are expected in commercial applications.

Front-panel controls make it possible to configure the SMT1500’s added features without software, while an LED display lets users know exactly what changes they’re about to make.

Load shedding is made possible by the SMT1500’s division of power across two groups, where Group 1 can be set to shut down long before the main power group. We’d normally plug peripherals into these connectors.

The Smart-UPS SMT1500 includes documentation on both paper and CD, USB and nine-pin serial cables, and management software.

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