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SMT1500 Management Software

Enthusiast Power Protection: Four-Way 900 W UPS Roundup

Windows 7 users can rejoice in that they don’t actually need any additional software to shut down their PC when battery power is low. That’s because simply connecting a USB cable between the PC and UPS allows the OS to read battery level, enabling user control of CPU power state, sleep and suspend modes, low-level and critical-level actions in the same way they would a notebook. Additional functions can be controlled from the SMT1500 front panel, but those who want to load the software will find a wider range of utilities.

APC PowerChute Web-based utility spreads the unit’s main statistics across four pages that require a password for access.

Line-interactive uninterruptable power supplies switch between battery and input power depending on input voltage. APC allows the users to define how sensitive that switching function should be. A narrower range of voltages offers increased system stability, while a broader range provides increased battery life. Automated diagnostics scheduling assures users that they’ll know far in advance before the battery needs replacement.

Load shedding is available on one bank of power connections, allowing users to determine how soon they’d like power-wasting peripherals to be shut down separately from the PC.

Additional power controls allow users to determine how much reserve power they’d like, and how quickly a shut-down system should power back up.

The SMT1500 can be set to notify users via email about monitoring errors, power events, etc. That’s handy when you’re away from the PC and need someone to tend to it.

Logging functions are rather convoluted, yet some users would rather have access to more features rather than fewer.

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