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CP1500PFCLCD Management Software

Enthusiast Power Protection: Four-Way 900 W UPS Roundup

Windows 7 users can configure power settings for their desktop PC as they would a notebook once the USB cable is connected, but some may still be interested in the added features found in CyberLink’s software suite.

The name PowerPanel Personal Edition provides additional proof that this model is designed for end-users rather than commercial applications, and gives us hope that simplified menus will aid end-users in accessing the device's advanced features.

While Windows already allows users to schedule power-on and power-off for the PC, setting these on the UPS allows peripheral power to be cut as well.

Users can also designate reserve power or battery runtime using PowerPanel software, though we prefer to do this through the default utilities built-into Windows 7.

Line-Interactive power supplies only switch to battery power when input voltage crosses a certain threshold. Increasing that threshold allows the CP1500PFCLCD to rely upon the battery less, extending battery life, while reducing that threshold can increase system stability.

Users who want to use something other than default settings but don’t know what numbers to punch in can instead select from various sensitivity profiles on the next menu.

The CPS1500PFCLCD includes a self-test function to keep track of battery condition.

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