Apricorn Aegis Mini 60 GB

Aegis Mini In Detail

Inside the case we found a Hitachi TravelStar C4K60 (HTC42606). The drive rotates at 4,200 RPM and features 2 MB cache memory. This is currently the largest 1.8" drive from Hitachi.

The USB connector is integrated with a short USB cable, which is almost 3" long. This doesn't sound like much, but it's long enough to connect it to a notebook or a front USB port of your PC. Apricorn also includes a USB extension cable - just in case you need a longer cable. We also found a little transportation bag inside the product box, and the drive fits perfectly.

The hard drive's performance is good for the 1.8" form factor. Average reading performance at over 18 MB/s and an average writing speed of nearly 16 MB/s are good results. If you need higher performance or more capacity then you will have to wait for future generations, or buy into the 2.5" form factor drive. This will provide up to 160 GB (200 GB soon), but it will also inflate drive dimensions and product weight.

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