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Magicka On Consoles: Maybe, Maybe Not

Q&A With Magicka Developer, Arrowhead Game Studios

So, what kind of limitations do mobile devices impose that require an approach that differs from developing on a PC or console? And will those limitations be addressed any time soon? What can actually be achieved on a mobile platform, given current hardware?

"The limitations are mostly in how much data you can push," Stenmark said. "There are already people running relatively high-poly 3D scenes on both iPhone and Android. You can achieve basically the same visuals on an iPhone as you can on a medium-end PC, although the frame rate is horrid. The hardware is improving tremendously, though."

Naturally I had to ask if Arrowhead plans to bring Magicka to mobile platforms like the Apple App Store or Google's Android Market. And, given that Torchlight just landed on the Xbox 360, it would be easy to see Xbox Live gamers trashing each other with misfiring spells. But the last we heard, it was up to Microsoft and Sony to green-light a console version. Arrowhead is reportedly ready to rumble.

At this point, Lasota chimed back into the interview. "I won’t speculate on the mobile market for now. It is a big market though, and having products for it would be great," he said. "Concerning the console versions of Magicka, it is something we would very much like to see, and we are working to make it happen."

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