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P8Z68-V Pro UEFI

Z68 Express Roundup: Three Motherboards Do Battle Around $200

The P8Z68-V Pro uses a similar layout to Asus’ other recent UEFI designs, requiring users to select the “Exit” menu to find advanced control menus. The main Ai Tweaker menu provides the most commonly-used overclock settings.

Asus adds onboard graphics and RAM reference voltage to the frequency and voltage settings of this Z68 motherboard’s P67 predecessors.

A fairly broad set of secondary memory timings accompany the four basic ones that most tuners use to enhance memory performance.

The P8Z68-V Pro’s memory controls go a little further than most competing models, however, with the addition of tertiary timing controls.

The P8Z68-V Pro offers owners of XMP-equipped memory a simpler configuration method.

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