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P8Z68-V Pro Utilities

Z68 Express Roundup: Three Motherboards Do Battle Around $200

Asus offers the most diverse selection of motherboard utilities that we’ve seen. Most of these are well-explained on the firm’s Web site, but we took a little extra time to examine its TurboV overclocking utility.

Like some of its competitors, Asus offers a few built-in overclocking profiles to allow builders to instantly boost frequency in four 200 MHz steps.

All voltage levels can be adjusted within the motherboard’s BIOS limits from within Windows. Enabling on-the-fly CPU ratio selection requires a reboot, however.

Graphics overclocking is limited to the platform’s integrated GPU. Universal utilities from other sources are still a good option for any discrete graphics card.

Asus’ fan controls are fairly impressive, as these let users select a slope, rather than steps.

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