How To Assemble The Ultimate Toolbox

A Look Inside The Top, Continued

As I mentioned earlier in this article, I like screwdrivers that are more individually tailored for specific tasks. In some ways, this might go against the grain of conventional wisdom. However, I find that the high quality professional series Craftsman screwdrivers that I use are reliable and give me a better comfort level when dealing with tricky repairs or installations.

The variety of drill bits that I stock can be used with any drill and are mostly used for networking-related repair or installation situations. I would not consider these to be mandatory for most technicians, but they can come in very handy. Another one of the most interesting tools that I find very handy to have is the RoboGrip. RoboGrip pliers allow you to gain leverage in tricky situations where you must bear down on a part or device with a grip that you are assured will not let go. There are other tools that I sometimes carry in this compartment, such as a RayTek Digital Thermometer and an RJ-45 cable tester. Again, these two items are not mandatory and are not needed on a regular basis.

The front tray slides into the front of the top of the MasterCart, and it is held there by a latch that slides up and down to grant access.

Sliding the front lever up allows the removal of the see-through compartmentalized front tray. This tray comes equipped with flexible dividers that allow configuration of the tray in a variety of formats. This tray is where the most basic of items are located. In this tray are a variety of standard and micro jumpers, cable ties, cable clips, power converters, CMOS batteries, screws and standoffs in many shapes and sizes.

The types of computer cases you regularly work on will dictate the variety of screws and screw sizes that you will need to carry. In most cases, I have found that the standard, most universal screw sizes are all that I need to stock. Different screw head varieties, however, do come in handy, especially when dealing with finicky cases that require smoother head sizing in order for rails to properly fit inside a case. The rule of thumb when choosing what parts to carry in this genre will be dictated by your field experiences.

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