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Game Benchmarks

AMD Athlon 5350 And AM1 Platform Review: Kabini In A Socket

Although you probably wouldn't consider these gaming-centric platforms, we did want to assess their ability to handle mainstream titles (especially since AMD makes such a big deal about its GCN-powered graphics component).

Keep in mind that the Athlon 5350 represents the very best you'll see out of AM1, while there is one faster offering from Intel. Of course, the AM1-based platform will take a discrete upgrade if you need more performance, while Bay Trail-D does not.

Dota 2 is probably one of the most played titles, but it's not exactly demanding. Neither is Grid 2 at its lowest detail settings. Yet, AMD's Athlon barely manages to post performance numbers close to 30 FPS. Sure, you can call those numbers playable. But they're not particularly good-looking. Intel's Celeron J1900, on the other hand, is simply too slow for gaming.

Based on our results, I'd guess that AMD's AM1 platform should be able to handle less-demanding MMOs like World of Warcraft, lightweight shooters like Left 4 Dead, and a wide range of even more casual games (such as Angry Birds).

I did fire up Battlefield 4 and Neverwinter to see if the Athlon could cope. But even at 1280x720 using the lowest possible settings, it couldn't.

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