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Benchmark Results: Photoshop, iTunes, And WinRAR

Samsung's ATIV Smart PC 500T: An Atom-Based Windows 8 Tablet

We're able to use one set of tests to compare Samsung's ATIV Smart PC 500T against tablets. But when you drop the Atom-powered device into its docking station, it becomes more of a netbook or lightweight notebook. So, how does it perform in that role? Again, the full version of Windows 8 gives us access to our usual benchmark suite.

It's easy enough to install Photoshop, but using the software in any serious way (here, to apply filters to a TIF file) is painfully slow. Beyond our scripted test, we spent some time actually using Photoshop and found it to be impressively responsive, both with a mouse and the digitizer pen. It's really only when you tax the 500T's limited resources that they buckle.

Even though the Photoshop chart looks bad, the fact that a sub-2 W tablet takes four times longer to finish this workload than a 17 W Sandy Bridge-based notebook is respectable.

This task is a little more realistic on a tablet. It involves converting the Terminator 2 soundtrack from WAV to AAC. Intel's 1.7 W Atom Z2760 again takes the longest to finish up. But when you consider its power footprint, the outcome isn't altogether bad (particularly compared to the 35 W A8-3520).

The numbers in WinRAR are fairly similar, even though this test is better-optimized to take advantage of multiple cores.

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