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Benchmark Results: Modern Warfare 2 And Crysis

AVADirect's W860CU: Mobility Radeon HD 5870 Vs. GeForce GTX 285M

Most games are single- or dual-thread-optimized, allowing for higher Intel Turbo Boost ratios on the Core i7-820QM, so that its speed matches that of the desktop Core i7-920. After proving that equal CPU speed allows similar CPU performance, we can now see how each of today’s best mobile graphics units compare to each other and to our standard desktop part.

Based on 2007 technology, the GeForce GTX 285M starts off with a surprisingly large lead over the Mobility Radeon HD 5870. That lead gets smaller as detail levels and resolutions are increased, to the point that the difference is only 3.2 frames per second (FPS) at the settings we chose.

With less than half the computing power of its desktop namesake, the Mobility Radeon HD 5870 surprises us by taking the lead in Crysis over the GeForce GTX 285M. While GeForce GTX 285M users will be sorely disappointed that the game isn’t playable even at moderate quality and 720p resolutions, anyone switching over from the desktop will be nearly as disappointed to find the Mobility Radeon HD 5870 playable only at our lowest test setting.

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