BenQ's FP71e+ LCD Is Fast, But How Furious?

A commercially-available 17" TFT display has finally beaten the 10ms response time threshold. While heavy-hitter vendors including ViewSonic, Samsung and others have announced plans to introduce 8ms panels, BenQ has beaten them to the punch. BenQ's FP71e+ 17" monitor features an 8ms response time is now available, with an AU Optronics TN panel, and is geared specifically for gamers. With the introduction of the FP71E+, remanence is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

BenQ is an up-and-coming brand that largely owes its success to the rapidity with which its gets its products to the market. But let's see if that rapidity isn't also synonymous with haste...


BenQ FP71e+
Diagonal measurement 17 inches
Contrast 500:1
Luminance 300 cd/m²
Latency 8ms
Colors 16.2 million
Angles of vision (H/V) 140/130
Loudspeakers 2 x 1W + headphone outlet
Connectivity VGA / DVI
Price Approximately $500
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