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Gamer Storm Assassin

Nine Big Air Coolers For Intel's Haswell CPUs, Reviewed

Depending on where you look, you’ll find the Assassin CPU cooler sold under the DeepCool or Logisys brands, and perhaps as part number MC8000. The one thing both companies share is the Gamer Storm logo on the product and its packaging.

DeepCool didn’t need to specify any changes to the Assassin’s installation kit, since the mid-sized LGA mounting pattern is the same all the way back through the 1156, 1155, and 1150 interfaces. It’s also compatible with older LGA 775 and LGA 1366 boards, as well as the more modern LGA 2011. Its mounting kit is even able to replace the four-bolt bracket on AMD’s Socket AM2 through AM3+.

A decorative plated finish prevents oxidation of the Assassin cooler’s polished copper base, which comprises eight heat pipes to connect its pair of radiators.

The Assassin uses Intel’s LGA support plate as a spacer, preventing contact between its metal parts and any motherboard components, such as what we experienced in our recent System Builder Marathon. Rubber locating clips keep mounting studs in position without any crushing risks.

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