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Best SSDs: $315 To $400

Best SSDs For The Money: May 2011

Best SSDs for ~$315: Middle of the Road

Intel SSD 320
160 GB
Sequential Read
270 MB/s
Sequential Write165 MB/s
Power Consumption (Active)
.15 W
Power Consumption (Idle).10 W

At around $330, you have three choices: the 120 GB SSD 510, 180 GB Agility 2, and the 160 GB SSD 320. If you are willing to give up some capacity for sequential performance (and you own a motherboard with 6 Gb/s connectivity), the 120 GB SSD 510 is a good choice. On the other hand, why not give up performance for more capacity with the 180 GB Agility 2? If this is decision is too difficult, we recommend buying Intel's 160 GB SSD 320.

The middle ground delivers a great balance of performance and capacity, so you won't have to feel like you had to make a big compromise.

Best SSDs for ~$400: More than 180 GB

OCZ Agility 2
240 GB
Sequential Read
285 MB/s
Sequential Write275 MB/s
Power Consumption (Active)
2.0 W
Power Consumption (Idle).5 W

The number of choices available between $330 and $400 are pretty small. If you have to have an SLC-based drive, you could always buy the 32 GB X25-E for $375. But ouch.

Otherwise the best deal is OCZ's 240 GB Agility 2 at $400. This is the point where you'll find some of the best deals per gigabyte (below $2/GB). Last month, there was a great deal for those with a bit more dough to spend. The 256 GB Crucial RealSSD C300 was only $420. But alas, that special was too good to last long (it's now $450). This month, OCZ's putting pressure on 240 and 256 GB SSDs by dropping prices on its Agility 2. As a result, we're finding it hard to find any good deals above $400.

If all goes well, we'll see the largest SSDs priced at $1.5/GB before the end of the summer.

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