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Cambridge Audio Minx Go

Seven Portable Bluetooth Speaker Systems, Tested And Reviewed

Of the companies that sent in samples for our round-up, Cambridge Audio has perhaps the most impressive background when it comes to high-end equipment. Let's see if that pedigree carries over to its wireless audio hardware.

Bundle And First Impression

At $150 on Amazon, the Minx Go's price sits in the middle of our seven tested devices. This is right around where manufacturers stop assuming you'll be carrying your speaker around with you and start bundling AC adapters with their products. Unfortunately, the trade-off is that you're no longer able to charge the system over a USB connection. Other included accessories are fairly standard; you get a 3.5 mm male-to-male cable, a carrying case, and a manual in the package.

Cambridge sells its Minx Go in black or white, both with hard plastic cases and metallic mesh grilles. The build quality appears sturdy, though I'd worry about scratching the glossy finish. Also, the rear bass radiator's plastic covering is a bit flimsy. Again, I wouldn't want that component to break in a gym bag or backpack with other items.

This is the only speaker in our round-up with a deployable stand, which you can see below.

Two 3/4" tweeters and two 2" woofers work with a rear-firing passive radiator to serve up sound. The Minx Go is roughly twice as thick and high as the ultra-portables we looked at on the preceding pages. It's also about twice as heavy at 1089 grams (2.4 lbs). Measuring 4.8" x 9.3" x 2.4", you probably wouldn't want to carry it everywhere with you, though the speaker is small enough to tote around to a friend's house.

Connectivity And Controls

Wired connectivity is enabled by a 3.5 mm input, while wireless audio is transmitted over Bluetooth. Cambridge doesn't specify the standard version it's using, but does call out A2DP support. Pairing is a quick and painless process. However, there's no built-in mic for fielding phone calls out in the back yard.

See that USB port? You can use the Minx Go to charge your smartphone, but only while it's connected to AC power. That's a disappointing restriction considering the speaker's best-in-class battery life.

Cambridge's offering has the simplest control mechanism in our round-up. There are buttons for turning the volume up, turning it down, and toggling power (plus entering Bluetooth pairing mode). With no microphone, there's no need for a communications button, and it's unfortunate that there's no way to skip or repeat tracks from a playlist.

Subjective Sound Analysis

Cambridge Audio put its focus where it matters: sound quality. The dedicated tweeters and woofers facilitate a stronger response across the entire frequency range. Bass is noticeably better, and it doesn't overpower other tones. Mids and highs are equally represented, endearing the Minx Go to many types of music.

Livability And Subjective Conclusion

With very little extra functionality to talk about, Cambridge Audio's Minx Go puts sound quality front and center. Of course, there are limitations to what two 2" drivers and 3/4" tweeters can do. But the Minx Go achieves more with such small drivers than any other system I've tested. Most disappointing is the lack of controls for repeating or skipping over tracks, and the inability to charge a USB-connected device using the built-in battery. Still, at $150, there isn't a better-sounding Bluetooth-capable speaker in this round-up, and the almost 24-hour battery life is simply wonderful.

Cambridge Audio Minx Go
Not specified
Maximum Volume at 30 Inches:
83 dB Line-in
82 dB Bluetooth
2 x 2" woofers
2 x 3/4" titanium dome tweeters
1 x rear-firing bass radiator
Not specified
Measured Outdoor Bluetooth Range:8 meters
AC charging port
3.5 mm input jack
3.5 V, 0.5 A USB port for charging other devices (only works plugged into AC power)
Minus button (Volume down)
Plus button (Volume up)
Power button (Power, Pause/play)
Built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery (capacity not specified)
Running Time at 46 dB(A), 20 inches:
Approximately 24 hours
123 mm (4.8 in) height
237 mm (9.3 in) width
60 mm (2.4 in) depth
1089 g (2.4 lbs)
Build Materials:
Plastic outer shell, perforated metal grille
Black, White
AC charger, 3.5 mm male-to-male cable, carrying case, manual
Bluetooth (generation not specified)
A2DP (Audio sync-only)
Hands-Free Phone:
Microphone Sensitivity:
NFC Pairing:
Charging Time:
<4 hours
LED Indicators:
Charging and status
One year Price Range:
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