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SuperTooth Disco Twin

Seven Portable Bluetooth Speaker Systems, Tested And Reviewed

You might not have heard of SuperTooth, but this French company got its start in 2004 specializing in Bluetooth-connected speakers for cars. It since expanded into portable Bluetooth speakers and headphones.

Bundle And First Impression

SuperTooth's Disco Twin kit is, essentially, a pair of the company's Disco 2 speakers with the right satellite wirelessly connected to the left. The bundle includes almost two of everything: AC chargers, 3.5 mm male-to-male cables, and cloth carrying pouches. You can find the kit on Amazon between $160 and $170.

The speakers are built into a tough plastic frame. Their grille is wrapped in black cloth. Overall, the set has some weight to it, though the materials do feel a little cheap.

SuperTooth doesn't publish its driver specifications, but it appears that each side houses four drivers and a passive radiator. The pear-shaped towers weigh 553 grams (just under a pound), and at 7.2" x 4.3" x 2.8", carrying them around is more burdensome than the units we already reviewed. Once again, this is gym bag territory. If you'd like to get a little more portable, it is possible to use one of the enclosures on its own instead.

Connectivity And Controls

Like most of the competition, SuperTooth's Disco Twin accepts analog input through its 3.5 mm jack or a wireless Bluetooth connection. As mentioned, each enclosure can operate independently, though only the left side is outfit for both input types. The right side is limited to a wired signal through its 3.5 mm jack if you use it on its own. Listening to the two enclosures together from a wired source requires a splitter, which isn't included. 

The Disco Twin paired with our smartphone quickly. There was an intermittent lag issue where audio cut out, but repeating the pairing process solved the issue. SuperTooth doesn't include a mic, and USB charging isn't supported either.

We're happy to report that SuperTooth's controls are both simple and obvious. There are six buttons on top of each speaker to turn volume down, to turn it up, to toggle power or make a Bluetooth connection, to replay a previous track, slip to the next track, or play and pause the current track. With the speaker turned on, the buttons light up. And used cooperatively, either speaker can navigate your library (though the volume controls are independent). 

Subjective Sound Analysis

SuperTooth's Disco Twin is the product in our round-up that facilitates great stereo separation as you move enclosures away from each other. Unfortunately, the frequency response sounds incomplete; there's adequate bass, but some of the mids are clearly missing and the highs don't quite sound right either.

If you didn't have these other units next to you for comparison, the Disco Twin would likely sound better. But right after listening to Cambridge's Minx Go, for example, the difference is noticeable. I also ran into considerable distortion at the highest volume levels, so plan on dialing back for the best experience.

Livability And Subjective Conclusion

The ability to set satellites apart for greater stereo separation is unique to the Disco Twin, and the system retains its portability if you want to stick with one enclosure on its own. That's an unmatched level of flexibility in this round-up. Maximizing SuperTooth's kit means setting speakers on different sides of a home, filling an entire living space with music. Not possible with Bluetooth? Au contraire. The Disco Twin achieves best-in-class range, hitting 34 meters line-of-sight before dropping the wireless signal.

Plenty of volume is also a plus. Unfortunately, this kit demonstrates weaknesses along the frequency spectrum, falling short against its competition when we isolate sound quality. SuperTooth has an interesting product on its hands, though, which may appeal to customers looking to fill a space with music.

Supertooth Disco Twin
2 x 16 W RMS
Maximum Volume at 30 Inches:
88 dB Line-in
88 dB Bluetooth
2 x four drivers (unknown size)
2 x 1 passive radiator
Not specified
Measured Outdoor Bluetooth Range:34 meters
AC charging port
3.5 mm input jack
Power button
Volume up button
Volume down button
Pause/play button
Previous track button
Next track button
Built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery (capacity not specified)
Running Time at 46 dB(A), 20 inches:
Approximately 8 hours
2 x 182 mm (7.2") height
2 x 108 mm (4.3") width
2 x 70 mm (2.8") height
2 x 553 g (0.09 lb)
Build Materials:
Plastic, leather, textile covering
Available Colors:
Black with silver-gray accents
Two AC chargers, two 3.5 mm male-to-male cables, two carrying cases, manual
Bluetooth 3.0
A2DP (Audio sync-only)
Hands-Free Phone:
Microphone Sensitivity:
NFC Pairing:
Charging Time:
<3 hours
LED Indicators:
Charging and status
Two years Price Range:
$160 to $170
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