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Logitech UE Boombox

Seven Portable Bluetooth Speaker Systems, Tested And Reviewed

Last but not least we have Logitech's UE Boombox. This company is no stranger to the PC space, and it's somewhat notorious for audio products with pumped-up bass.

Bundle And First Impression

We run across another sparse bundle consisting of an AC charger and some documentation. Considering the relatively high $250 price tag, it would have been nice to see some sort of carrying case to keep this pricey product protected in transport.

Logitech is good with aesthetics, and the UE Boombox is another of the company's attractive offerings. It sports a minimalist design built around a solid aluminum frame that braces the sides and curves into a carrying handle. A beige metal grille wraps over the top to cover the front and back, while a hard rubber base provides protection. Blue accents on the sides and a monogrammed UE on the front are subtle additions. It's a beautiful-looking piece of hardware. However, function irritatingly follows form. The handle doesn't leave enough space for an adult hand to wrap around without grating along the grille.

At 6.5" x 15.2" x 3.1" and 1980 grams (4.4 lbs), the UE Boombox is really only about one-third larger than Cambridge Audio's Minx Go. But the overall design and empty space below the handle project grander dimensions. Logitech's speaker could easily fit in a gym bag, but we'd be worried about scuffing that pretty aluminum finish. The enclosure plays host to two 0.5" tweeters, two 3" woofers, and four 2 5/8" passive bass radiators.

Connectivity And Controls

Inputs include a wireless Bluetooth 3.0 connection and a 3.5 mm jack for analog two-channel sound. The UE Boombox managed an impressive 11 hours of playback during our test. However, there's no USB charging port to keep your smartphone topped off. That's a little disappointing, given Logitech's asking price.

At least the UE Boombox will pair with your smartphone quickly. It's just a shame that there's no integrated microphone for hands-free calling.

Like its industrial design, the Boombox's controls are minimalist. A large touch-sensitive panel on the right controls volume. On the left, you have a power switch and Bluetooth pairing button. The combination is elegant and simple, though the option to navigate to and from songs would be nice.

Subjective Sound Analysis

Logitech's UE Boombox stands out when it comes to rip-roaring bass. That's great in an outdoor environment, where the frequencies you can feel are quickly lost. Indoors, though, the emphasis on lows becomes overpowering. The rest of the spectrum is well-represented, but the bass can be so strong as to mask everything else.

If you're into electronic dance, trance, or dubstep, this could very well be perfect. I'm not in the UE Boombox's target market, so it's really not my thing. There will be genres that just love what Logitech's speaker system is optimized for, though.

Livability And Subjective Conclusion

I respect the bass-heavy sound that Logitech's UE Boombox brings to the table, and I admire the company's high-quality materials and design. We measured a best-in-class Bluetooth range of 34 meters (more than 110 feet) before losing signal.

With all of that said, this is also the priciest speaker in our round-up. Although battery life proved ample at 11 hours, we still wish Logitech would have integrated a USB charting point for other devices. A fan of EDM might be willing to spend close to $250 on the UE Boombox's unique approach to wireless music. Others won't be so quick to pay such a premium price when other contenders include more functionality.

Logitech UE Boombox
10 W RMS (AC)
9 W RMS (Battery)
Maximum Volume at 30 Inches:
88 dB Line-in
86 dB Bluetooth
2 x 0.5" Tweeters
2 x 3" Woofers
4 x 2 5/8" Passive Radiators
10,000 ohm
Measured Outdoor Bluetooth Range:34 meters
AC charging port
3.5 mm input jack
Volume up button
Volume down button
Bluetooth button
Power switch
Built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery (capacity not specified)
Running Time at 46 dB(A), 20 inches:
Approx 11 hours
164 mm (6.5”) height
386 mm (15.2”) width
79 mm (3.1”) depth
1980 g (4.4 lbs)
Build Materials:
Aluminum handle and edge frame, perforated metal grille, silicone rubber sides
Available Colors:
Silver metallic with blue accents
AC charger and manual
Bluetooth 3.0
A2DP (Audio sync-only)
AVRCP (Remote control-only)
Hands-Free Phone:
Microphone Sensitivity:
NFC Pairing:
Charging Time:
<5 hours
LED Indicators:
Charging and status
Two years Price Range:
$238 to $250
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