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Benchmark Results: Crysis And Just Cause 2

System Builder Marathon, March 2011: $500 Gaming PC


At high details, Crysis appears CPU-limited below 1920x1080 with the highest frame rates seen at 1280x1024. The stock March PC delivers roughly the same level of performance as December’s best overclocking efforts.

Finding acceptable performance at Very High details required overclocking the December PC, which put it roughly on par with the current stock machine. Unfortunately, 1680x1050 is still stretching the new machine’s capabilities, as disappointing GPU overclocking only yielded a 1.6 FPS increase.

Just Cause 2

The Concrete Jungle test included with the full version of Just Cause 2 is far more demanding than the demo’s benchmark, giving a more realistic indication of what hardware this game requires.

Struggling at our highest test settings, the December PC seems better suited for a mix of medium and high details. The current build fares better, but at the highest details, is still limited to either lower resolutions or reduced levels of AA.

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