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Benchmark Results: Far Cry 2 And H.A.W.X.

System Builder Marathon, Dec. 2009: $2,500 Performance PC

A relatively flat performance curve makes Far Cry 2 appear CPU-bound at all but its highest-resolution settings, at least until anti-aliasing (AA) is added. However, it’s hard to call something CPU-limited when the limit is so high.

Adding 4x AA and a few graphics details to Far Cry 2 stresses the graphics cards more substantially, shifting attention away from any CPU-performance limits. At over twice our minimum required frame rate, the $2,500 machine doesn’t require overclocking to produce visual fluidity at an impressive 2560x1600 graphics resolution.

H.A.W.X plays smoothly at every test setting, and once again the added performance from overclocking appears superfluous. Yet this is another case where the three HD 4890s of our previous SBM beat the two HD 5870s of our current build, and that’s a noteworthy achievement for a system we thought was outdated.

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