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Results: Low Quality, 1280x720

Call Of Duty: Ghosts Graphics Performance: 17 Cards, Tested

As always, we begin with low-end graphics hardware to gauge what Call of Duty: Ghosts' minimum requirements really are. These tests are performed with detail levels down as far as they can go (except for the texture setting at Auto and image quality set to Normal). Of course, even then, the Normal image quality preset still means this game is upscaling from a lower resolution.

Nvidia's GeForce 210 is missing from this chart because we couldn't get it to launch the game. Based on Radeon HD 6450 performance, though, the entry-level GeForce card wouldn't have been fast enough anyway. Even at 1280x720, the GeForce GT 630 equipped with GDDR5 can't sustain 30 frames per second. It takes a Radeon HD 6570 DDR3, at least, to deliver ample speed.

The GeForce GTX 650 Ti is overkill at this resolution and combination of settings, so a GeForce GT 640 would probably match up well against the Radeon HD 6570.

Observed frame time variance is relatively low across the board, although the GeForce GTX 650 Ti encounters a few spikes during the course of the benchmark, achieving a comparatively poorer result.

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