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Intel 440EX AGP Chipset - 66 MHz Front Side Bus

Designed with a feature set tuned for the Basic PC market segment, the Intel 440EX AGPset balances the Intel Celeron processor system performance. The result: a new generation of cost-effective PCs with the added performance feature of the Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP).

Based on the core technology of the Intel 440LX AGPset , the Intel 440EX AGPset allows designers to easily implement support for popular multimedia computing graphics and applications on volume-priced Basic PC platforms. The Intel 440EX AGPset helps deliver the popular multimedia computing applications such as 3D graphics, DVD-ROM applications and video on the Basic PC platform. The chip set complements AGP even further by supporting 66 MHz SDRAM for improved memory performance.

Good Performance and Low Cost of Ownership

The Intel 440EX AGPset is also ACPI-compliant , providing the cost-of-ownership advantages of advanced power management to small business and home office PCs.

Support for Ultra DMA/33 allows designers to implement the latest high-speed disk drives. The 440EX AGPset also brings Universal Serial Bus (USB) capability to the Basic PC market segment.

Intel 440EX AGPset Highlights
  • Cost optimization with tuned feature set for Basic PC market segment
  • Optimizes the performance of Celeron processor-based Basic PCs
  • Enables design of Net PCs with Celeron processor performance
  • Brings AGP functionality and multimedia computing capability for today's graphics and video applications
  • ACPI-compliance enables enhanced power manageability
  • Micro ATX motherboard form factor for cost-effective production
  • Ultra DMA/33 supports high-speed disk drives
  • Support for 66 MHz SDRAM enhances graphics and video performance
  • USB enables instant connectivity to peripherals
  • Quality and reliability of Intel's pre-silicon simulations and post-silicon validation processes
  • World-class manufacturing and support capabilities
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