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HTML5 Performance Benchmarks

Web Browser Grand Prix 9: Chrome 17, Firefox 10, And Ubuntu


Firefox destroys its Windows 7-based competition with a score of nearly 4150. IE9 places a distant second, scoring 2200 points. Third place goes to Google Chrome. Safari comes in fourth place, and Opera places last.

The placing and scores change dramatically in Ubuntu 11.10. None of the Linux-based browsers are able to exceed triple-digit scores. Chrome places first with nearly 275 points, Opera falls second at just under 200, and the winner in Windows 7, Firefox 10, only earns 106 points.


The Windows 7 GUIMark 2 HTML5 composite score shows Firefox out in front, followed closely by IE9. Google Chrome places third, about seven frames per second behind the leaders, while Apple Safari takes fourth place. Opera places last with the only sub-30 FPS score.

In Ubuntu, the tables turn. Chrome takes the lead with a score to match the top two in Windows. Opera also gains compared to its Windows-based version, placing second. Firefox 10, the winner in Windows, takes dead last under Linux.

The charts below contain the detailed view of all three GUIMark 2 HTML5 tests for each operating system.

Windows 7Windows 7Ubuntu 11.10Ubuntu 11.10

Asteroids HTML5 Canvas 2D And JavaScript

IE9 is out in front with a score close to 60 FPS. Microsoft's browser is followed by Google Chrome. Safari comes in third place, while Opera achieves 45 FPS to place fourth. With the only sub-30 FPS score under Windows 7, Firefox again falters in the Asteroids benchmark, placing last.

Like the other HTML5 benchmarks, the Linux scores and placing order are very different from Windows 7. Opera achieves the highest cross-platform score. Chrome places second, performing four frames per second faster than its Windows-based score. Firefox again takes last place, though it manages to break the 30 FPS mark in Ubuntu.

Overall, the HTML5 winners are IE9 in Windows and Chrome in Linux. There are no real losers this time; Opera and Firefox show strongly enough to cancel out their losses.

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