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DOM And CSS Performance Benchmarks

Web Browser Grand Prix 9: Chrome 17, Firefox 10, And Ubuntu

Dromaeo DOM

Opera once again takes the big lead in Dromaeo DOM with a Windows 7 score just shy of 6000 and an Ubuntu score of nearly 5000. Firefox places second in Windows at 2500 and third in Ubuntu with nearly 2300. Chrome takes second place in Linux, and IE9 comes in last place on Windows.


Maze Solver

Google Chrome places first, followed by Apple Safari. Opera takes third place, while IE9 earns fourth. Mozilla Firefox encounters its usual trouble with this test, resulting in an exorbitant 1:40 to solve the maze.

Chrome on Ubuntu again takes the top cross-platform spot. Opera comes in second, while Firefox does better than its Windows-based showing, even if it still ends up in a distant last place.

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