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Benchmark Results: 1080p AVI With VirtualDub And XviD

Updated: Tuning C'n'Q: Maximize Power And Performance, Part 2

For Xvid encoding, we’ve selected the unrestricted profile with the general purpose preset. The encoding was done with a fixed quantizer of one, one pass, quality-based. Everything else was set at its default value.

Xvid actually requires less processing power than DivX. Encoding time is also shorter. The resulting file is slightly larger, but not by much.

It looks like DivX isn't the only codec having problems with the Phenom II X3 710. We see a larger gap between both the Phenom II X4s and the dual-core Athlon X2/Athlon II. So, much like test results with multi-threaded applications, the Phenom II X4s end up as the most energy efficient processors.

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