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Think About Cooling Early

How To: Properly Plan And Pick Parts For An Air-Cooled PC, Part 2


It is essential to think about cooling issues before you start buying hardware. Picking the right chassis, CPU cooler, and case fans lays the foundation of a successful build. As much as we're trained to snap our necks for attractive parts, good looks simply have to play second fiddle here.

We hope that we clarified a few things for beginners. Even the of applying thermal paste is unfounded. Squeeze out a drop and you’re done.

Our goal here wasn't to make purchasing recommendations, but to provide a tutorial. As time passes, there will always be new and improved products. In the end, though, only the best will do. The best doesn’t necessarily mean most expensive, either.

Instead Of Closing Thoughts, Bon Appétit

We've done some extreme cooling coverage in the past (that link is in German), so we wanted to leave you with a humorous recipe for enthusiasts who prefer turning their PCs into Dutch ovens rather than cooling them properly:

Tom's Menu - Cheese Fondue á la Technical Author

We changed the ingredients slightly, but the result turned out to be appealing to the eyes and taste buds.

• Swiss cheese
• Dry Prosecco (make sure you're at least 21, of course)
• Salt and Pepper
• Garlic pieces

• Worcester sauce
• Lemon juice (optional)

Step 1

We round up the ingredients

Step 2

We use a Radeon HD 6990 with its overclocked BIOS enabled to create a 450 W hot plate

Step 3

We mix Prosecco into the melted cheese and add some seasoning

Step 4

Bon Appétit
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