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Benchmark Results: SiSoftware Sandra 2011

Core i7-2820QM: Sandy Bridge Shines In Notebooks

Today's Intel processors deliver solid integer performance, and the Core i7-2820QM is no exception to this trend. What it lacks by way of a slower base clock rate, it makes up thanks to Turbo Boost and Hyper-Threading, which explains why it falls right behind the i7-2600K and ahead of the i5-2500K in both the Arithmetic and Multimedia benchmarks.

We said this before, but the Cryptography test naturally favors the Intel CPUs with AES-NI support. It’s notable that AES hashing bandwidth is actually higher in Sandy Bridge than it was back on Clarkdale. This was something that Intel announced back at IDF 2010, and we see that claim quantified here. Also, bear in mind that the new second-gen Core i3s—just like the first generation—ship with AES-NI disabled. That’s why the Core i3-2100 falls into last place. We have only been able to confirm that the desktop Core i3 lack this feature, but we expect that mobile Core i3s will likely miss it as well.

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