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Benchmark Results: Audio And Video Encoding

Mobile Gaming: Can Core i7-2920XM Beat Desktop Core i7-980X?

The new Core i7-2920XM starts out with a bang in iTunes, likely due to its improved architecture. This encoder doesn’t even acknowledge the Core i7-980X’s extra cores, so we're seeing competition on the basis of IPC and clock rate alone.

HandBrake is multi-core-optimized, putting the six-core -980X in a far lead.

It’s still not 50% faster than the new notebook processor, however, and most of the credit for its mere 22% lead can again be given to the Core i7-2920XM’s revised architecture.

DivX takes the power of all six Core i7-980X cores and runs with it, while Xvid prefers the slightly higher IPC of the Core i7-2920XM. The formerly-high-end Core i7-940XM is beginning to look like a budget part.

MainConcept gets a 32% boost from the desktop processor’s extra cores, while the new mobile CPU trumps the old one by a far more significant 41%.

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